Sunday, June 7, 2009

Online Extra Money Opportunities for Teens

 : :One of the easiest ways for a teenager to make easy, extra money is by doing online surveys. Online surveys offer teens (and just about anyone else) the opportunity to make money online because their are numerous companies that are willing to reward you with cash, prizes, or sweepstakes entries (for really big payouts) - just for taking online surveys.

 : :These companies want to know what teens think about their products. Plus, a lot of the surveys are fun. Who wouldn't want to take fun surveys and get rewarded for it?

 : :Taking paid surveys is a great way to earn extra money just don't be fooled by anyone that says you can make tons of cash. You can't.

 : :But you can definitely earn some decent money. Just consider completing online surveys a fun hobby that pays and you'll never be disappointed.

So, before getting started. Here are some tips to help you make extra money with online surveys.

Step 1...To start making money with surveys, you'll need to sign up with a few legitimate survey companies. Here are a few sites (with a review beside each site) for you to check out:
(1) , (CashCrate review) )

(2)Treasure Trooper (TreasureTrooper review)

Step 2...Sign up for the site of your choice by completing their online registration form. Be sure to fill out your information accurately. Some survey sites will not allow you to change certain parts of your application - such as your name and address, after you've signed up.

Step 3...For most survey sites, they will ask you to confirm your email address by sending you a confirmation email. If this happens, be sure to click on the confirmation link in that email message.

Step 4...Next, you may be sent a survey to your e-mail address or you may need to take the surveys on the site that you signed up with. Whichever the case may be, once you've completed one survey, you may have an option to take another one. This procedure may continues for as many surveys as you would like to fill out.

Step 5...Once you've completed a number of surveys, it's time to get paid! Some survey sites set a minimum payout amount, so you'll need to check the terms of the survey site that you signed up with, to see what their minimum is. To ensure that you receive payment, you'll also want to make sure that you enter your paypal address correctly - if the company pays you through this method. Or, if payment is by check, you'll want to make sure that your payment address is accurate and up to date.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teen Making Extra Money-Offline

A good place to look for different ways to make extra money is in your own neighbourhood! Most likely you (or your family) are known in your neighbourhood! Having people know you sometimes makes it easier to make money. There might be a few things around your neighbourhood like..

A yard maintenance service. There is always something that needs to be done around your neighbourhood. You can mow lawns and weed control in the spring and summer, raking leaves in the fall, and shoveling snow and planting for the spring. These can all be part of the same job. Once your customers know you and the good work you do, they may use your services for other jobs.

Pet-sitting. When someone in your neighborhood goes on vacation, there's often a pet that needs looking after. Also, with people working longer and longer hours these days, some will pay you to visit their pets during the day and take them for a walk. Even though this is more of a summer business when people tend to go on vacation, but you might be able to have a year-round business by offering pet walking, bathing, cleaning, etc. services.

You might also find work by working for older people in your neighborhood. Many older people can't get around much. They might need your services picking up groceries, running errands, or even doing odd jobs around their home. You can also run errands, for other people in your neighbourhood or even in not in your neighbourhood. This idea works best in larger cities where there are more people and public transportation, but these are very busy times and people need help with all sorts of errands.

A cleaning service. Maybe you hate doing your cleaning after yourself at home, but getting paid for doing them is completely different! You could offer complete housecleaning services, or specialize in one or more areas, such as attic/basement/garage cleanups.

A car-detailing business. With so many people working multiple jobs and having such busy lifestyles, very few people have the time to really take care of their cars -- and you could offer a weekly or monthly service of washing, waxing, vacuuming, etc.

A painting service. If you have some painting experience -- or you have a few friends that want to go in business with you -- you might want to consider a painting business. People are always renovating…and you could paint exteriors in the warmer months and interiors during the colder months.

Delivering newspapers. If you sign up to deliver a lot (especially in areas with apartment buildings), you can make a good bit of money. Some teens make $100 or $200 per week or more.

An educational tutoring service. If you have expertise in one or more areas -- music, foreign language, math and science, or others -- you could offer tutoring sessions to children, teens, and adults in your neighborhood.If you're good at a subject, you may be able to earn money by helping others to understand it.

An educational tutoring service. If you have expertise in one or more areas -- music, foreign language, math and science, or others -- you could offer tutoring sessions to children, teens, and adults in your neighborhood.If you're good at a subject, you may be able to earn money by helping others to understand it.

Placing Classifieds Ads Another great way to earn an extra income is to place a ad in your local classifieds! You could put an ad for whatever your are good at or experienced in. Write a short and descriptive ad and leave either a email address or a phone number!

Other places to look for jobs, most of the potential jobs mentioned earlier can be done in places other than your neighbourhood:

Working for your parents. If mom or dad owns a business, they might be able to use your help. Even if they work for a company, they may be able to hook you up with a part-time job there. (Check with your parents' friends, too.)

Camps. If you look into it early enough,around early spring. You might find a job at a summer camp -- you might work with kids, tend the grounds, prepare food, or do any of a number of things.

Department stores. An extra bonus with these types of jobs is that you often get to enjoy employee discounts (which can be substantial, often 20-30% off) and commissions on items you sell.

Caddy at a golf course. This not only helps you learn more about a sport you might enjoy, it also gives you the chance meet a lot of adults from whom you might learn more about the business world. They could be turn out to be valuable connections that help you find other jobs.

A catering service. Do you enjoy cooking and or baking? In these busy times, if you can provide a service that offers well-cooked meals, you could do quite well.

A freelancing service. If you are realy good in a certain field, such as writing, web page design, or photography, consider starting a freelancing business where you sell your talents.

Be crafty. If you enjoy arts and crafts, you might make jewelry or other crafts and sell them -- perhaps on eBay or an local auction site, where you'll have instant access to a large customer base. Some painters and photographers are making money selling their work online, too, although it takes more time and effort to do.

Volunteer! If all else fails, or even as a first choice, consider volunteering. Don't just do the first thing that pops into your mind, though. Be a strategic volunteer. Think of a field or company you'd like to learn more about. If you're really concerned about hunger in the world, volunteer at a food bank. If you're thinking about becoming a doctor (perhaps one who treats the elderly), consider volunteering at a hospital (or a nursing home).

To Be Continued

Make Extra Money Online
Make Extra Money Online-Focus Groups
Make Extra Money-Offline Focus Groups

Friday, June 13, 2008

Off line Focus Groups. Teen Making Extra Money

In my previous postings, I shared how teens can make extra money from doing surveys online and or by joining a online focus groups!

In this posting, I will share another extra money making oppportunity for teenagers is "Off line Focus Groups"!

So how does a teenager find an offline focus group?

Well as the famous commercial states "Let your fingers do the walking". In simpler words, take a look in your phone book - in the yellow pages!
I suggest that you look under the Heading.. "Market Research" and contact the companies that are listed. Let these companies know that you're interested in participating in their focus groups. just done Step1

Step2..Expect to be called at random for screening interviews. You'll be asked a series of questions relating to your use, interest and experience with a certain product.

Step3..Answer questions openly and honestly, and be as articulate as possible. Researchers are looking for individuals with strong opinions and the ability to verbalize their thoughts.

Step4..Once you qualify for a focus group and are asked to participate, write down the location, time and payment information. Be sure you understand the time commitment and see if it works with your schedule.

Step5..Show up early. Give about 30 minutes before the starting time to get signed in.

Step6..Don't hold back. If you are invited to participate in a study, there is an expectation that you will speak your mind. You need to contribute your thoughts and opinions in an upfront manner.

Tips & Warnings

Many focus groups will have snacks and beverages available for participants, so get there early to take advantage of the food.

Know that you won't qualify for a study if you or a family member works for a marketing research company or if there is any affiliation to the product being discussed.

Don't monopolize the discussion. Researchers are interested in varying viewpoints and opinions, so keep your responses concise and allow other participants to talk.

Making Teen Making Extra Money (Focus Groups)!

In my previous posting Making Extra Money Online, Rx6 left a comment asking me about making extra money from focus groups!

To help answer Rx6 questions, I did a search and came across the following site..Making Money From Focus Groups!

The author explains in simple and easy to understand words, the basic difference between "doing surveys and belonging to a focus group" and also provides a banner linked to a "focus groups" site.

If you do decide to try making extra money from focus groups, remember that you have to pay to belong. By paying, it show that site that you are serious! According to what I read, you can make back the money that it cost you after your first focus group!

Also you have to qualify for some focus groups!

And finally, if your are underage, make sure you have parents (guardian) approval before signing on!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Extra Money Making Tips For Teens!

Is it possible for teenagers to make some extra money? Yes, there are many, many different ways that a teenager can make extra money. A teenager can either make extra money online (from the Internet) or offline (no computer involved) or both!

There are extra money making opportunities that you can find or create. There are more plenty choices than just working at a McDonald's or Walmart.

So, what are some ideas for earning extra money beyond setting up a lemonade stand or babysitting? Here are some ideas, a few of which might appeal to you. Feel free to do any or even all of them.

Become a computer guru. Are you comfortable with computers and the Internet? Well, many adults are not, Many adults buy computers and have trouble setting them up correctly and trying to use them. Even if you have general knowledge about computers, you still can offer your services.You can set things up, solve problems,answer questions, teach programs, and show people how to send and organize email, upload digital photos, buy something on, Ebay, use Instant Messaging, and conduct online searches (from Google,Yahoo, MSN or other search engines). As social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, etc are becoming more and more popular, you can offer to set up these social sites for them!

Create websites. If you know enough about computers to create well-designed and professional looking websites, you can make some good money. Many small companies and organizations pay thousands of dollars to have websites built for them. You might charge very little at first, but once you have a few impressive websites to show potential customers, you can ask for more. You might also be paid by some small companies to help maintain or upgrade their sites, adding content, promote and solve problems as they arise.

Become an entrepreneur and start your own online Web business. If you are a good at creating Web pages, perhaps you can develope a concept/idea for an online business -- where your potential customers are worldwide, not just in your local neighborhood.

Even if you don't know alot about creating websites, there are plenty of online resources that you can use and learn from such as W3schools or Free Web Pages

More ideas for teens to make extra money offline and onlineto come!